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So I was on my way to work when a funny thing happened?

Anita Lowe - Monday, April 11, 2011
It's not every day that I get to blog about just anything.  Most of the time I'm writing about Internet marketing and small business solutions such as business systems.  Other times, I'm too busy to blog so I put it on the "get-around-to-it" list which I never seem to get around to.  Anyway this story is worth telling several times so here goes.

I was on my way to work this morning when I noticed the strangest thing.  I saw what looked like several animals blocking the street ahead of me so I slowed to a crawl to give them a chance to move.  They weren't moving out of the way.  As I got closer, I could clearly see a dog surrounded by 4 large alley cats.  The dog was decent sized too but appeared to be petrified.  The cats were all smaller than the dog but they clearly had their bluff in as they circled the dog with menacing glares and hisses.  I honked my horn a couple of times and they all took off.  The cats ran off in all directions, but the dog gave chase to one of the cats and I'm not sure if he caught the cat but I know he tried real hard too.

Later on it dawned on me the nature of events that I had witnessed.  The dog could be compared to a small business.  Superior in strength, focus and tenacity but paralyzed by smaller, more agile, competitors.  Anyone of the cats would have been no match for the dog and I have my doubts if 4 cats would have had success either.  It didn't matter though, because the 4 cats had accomplished what they came after.  While the 4 cats were busy distracting the dog, a fifth cat had managed to sneak away with the dog's recent kill, a small squirrel.  Of, before I forget, the cats are your competition.

I guess the moral of the story here is all about systems.  The cats managed to get what they wanted from the dog because of their organized systematic approach.  Are you letting others steal your leads away too?  Let me know!
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Casino Slots Winning Strategy commented on 26-Dec-2012 03:54 PM
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Casino Redkings No Deposit commented on 26-Dec-2012 03:57 PM
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Online Casino Roulette commented on 26-Dec-2012 04:04 PM
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Rachelle commented on 26-Dec-2012 04:16 PM
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Captain Jack Online Casino Bonus Codes commented on 26-Dec-2012 04:42 PM
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English Harbour Casino Bonus Codes commented on 26-Dec-2012 04:46 PM
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